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When we observe children, one thing is immediately apparent: they ask thousands of questions. Motivation is not the issue; rather, it’s crucial to convey learning materials in a child-friendly manner. Our goal is to make learning fun and maximize its effectiveness.
As a zebra company, a2zebra specializes in educational technology for elementary school students. Similar to the black and white stripes of a zebra, we strive for both financial success and social responsibility, offering innovative and comprehensive educational solutions. Our name reflects this dual purpose, serving as a playful wordplay. With our support, children can embark on a journey of learning from A to Z.
Before TukToro acquired its name, our little learning companion underwent various iterations, evolving from a paper cup to a rocket and finally taking the form it has today.
The name “TukToro” combines “Tuk,” the sound made by shaking the dice, which provided a special experience for children during testing, with “Toro,” a Japanese word meaning “lantern.” TukToro is equipped with LEDs that offer direct feedback to children while they learn.

About us

As a young company, a2zebra embraces its strength in being open to learning and guided by Montessori principles. We collaborate with learning psychologists, teachers, parents, and most importantly, children to create an exceptional learning experience. Our shared curiosity and commitment to progress drive us to provide children with the best possible start in their educational journey.
This is just the beginning of our remarkable endeavor to teach math to children through play. We firmly believe that learning should be enjoyable and that screen time can be utilized wisely. With TukToro, our unique math world, we have already sparked excitement in children and fostered their math skills in a playful and tangible way. We invite you to join us in TukToro’s learning world, embark on this exciting journey, and explore the captivating realm of math in a new and interactive way!

Elisha Benner

Co-Founder & CEO

I want to make Montessori education digital and put more focus on learning development rather than temporary test results.

Andreas Häring

Co-Founder & CTO

It is important to me that learning content is tangible so that it can be understood by every child.

Patrick Goehl

Co-Founder & COO

I am convinced that learning stories offer great added value because they vividly convey complex content.

Justyna Zubrychka

Co-Founder & CDO

While designing TukToro, I strive to combine the best elements of traditional toys and modern technology to cater to the needs of children.

Annabell Terrahe

UI/UX Designer

My motivation is to create a learning environment for children where learning is fun and drives natural curiosity.



It’s a lot of fun with the a2zebra team and I want there to be lots of TukToro’s everywhere.

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