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TukToro school edition

TukToro school edition

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TukToro: The interactive learning companion for kids! TukToro combines tangible and digital learning. Inspired by Montessori pedagogy. Children master interactive tasks and playfully learn arithmetic according to the curriculum. For children ages 4-8.

What does the product include?

The product includes

- 30 TukToros
- An educational app and 15 educational games, including 'Matching Cube Pictures', 'Numbers in Love' and 'Number Wall'.
- 120 cubes
- 30 chargers (USB C)
- Support and a free lesson from the TukToro team.
- Teacher's guide for optimal use

When will I get the product?

We plan to be able to ship TukToro in early 2024. However, there are two important factors to consider. 
First, we need enough pre-orders to reach our financial goal. 
This will allow us to start production. 
Second, mass production needs to go according to plan. 
We'll keep you up to date with our newsletter.

What is the presale money used for?

We have already taken the first step and produced TukToro using 3D printing, developed the associated app, and tested it with children. Now, however, we would like to take the next step and transfer TukToro to series production. For the funding we need your help.

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